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How would you like to do what you love for a living???

What’s stopping you? Nothing!

Most of the instructors that have/do work for Visa Diving Center and around the world started out diving just for fun whilst they worked their normal 9 till 5 jobs, saving the joys of diving just for holidays and weekends!

Who say’s that this has to be the way? Why do you have to stay in the rat race doing a job you hate, saving for the future that’s not arrived yet and waiting till the weekend comes or the 2 week holiday until you get back in the water!

You can make a good living and save for the future whilst still doing something you love by becoming an Open Water Scuba instructor. The only thing stopping this is you!

Here at Visa Diving Center, our resident course director and international staff instructors conduct the most up to date PADI IDC’s in the industry. PADI’s courses are constantly evolving, so are our IDC’s. Take a closer look on this page to find out what the PADI IDC/IE is all about.

Our prices and schedules are up to date with no hidden costs. If you need anymore information please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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